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Voice over agencies

Voice over agencies provide professional voice over talents, voice over actors and voice over artists for various voice over projects. Voice over agencies serve as a liaison between voice over service customers, translation agencies and voice over studios, providing talent casting and project management to end voice over customers. Voice over agencies provide work for voice over talents and coordinate the billing process.

Voice over agencies are not the actual voice over service producer. Voice over agencies outsource voice over recording and voice over production to voice over studios and outsource translation to translation agencies. Voice over agencies' value to the voice over production process is to provide talent casting, to coordinate voice over script translation and voice over production process, to monitor customer requirements and deadlines and to manage billing process towards all parties.

Since 1994 Graffitti Voice Over Agency is a leading European voice over agency, providing 1000 professional voice over talents in 40 European languages for multilingual and foreign language voice over projects. Graffitti Voice Over Agency provides professional indoor voice over recording and voice over production services through our Graffitti Voice Over Studio.
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