media content localization

TV voice over

TV voice over services are meant for broadcasting usage and they carry very high expectations for talent performance and audio production quality. TV voice over services are needed for TV program localization (film voive over, cartoon voice over, tv show voice over, documentary voice over), TV commercial localization (TV commercial dubbing, corporate video voice over). TV voice over post production requires great expertise regarding the unique audio mixing demands and broadcasting system of each TV channel. The media that usually holds the video content is Beta Cam or Digital Beta Cam.

Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides multilingual TV voice over services to leading TV programs(Turner Network, News Corp.) and advertising agencies(Omnicom, BBDO) in all European languages. We have a huge voice bank of 1000 native speaking broadcasting voice over actors with high voice acting performance skills. ISDN is available for monitoring.
tv voice over