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Graffitti Studio provides 360 degree professional Television content localization solutions in 40 European languages. We advice our customers on localization approach- dubbing or subtitling and localization processing, depending on the different TV distribution practices and viewer expectations in each European country as in some countries dubbing is better accepted than subtitling and in others subtitling is more popular than dubbing. Knowing the media market in each country is crucial for taking the right desicion and ultimately reach the minds and the hearts of the local audience.

Graffitti Studio provides TV localization services for Films, TV series, Animation and Cartoon serials, TV programs and TV shows, regardless of the genre- drama, comedy, news, fiction, thriller, action, romantic, soap opera, documentary, reality, sports and more. We work with Global TV networks such Discovery and Turner.

Film producers

Graffitti Studio provides original film music composing, arranging, film music recording and production, Foley stage and Foley audio recording, film trailer voice over, sound editing, audio effects, ADR, mixing, mastering and audio field recording to film studios Worldwide. Graffitti Studio provides outstanding audio quality and is awarded on film festivals for original film sound on movies we have worked on.

We work with Warner Bros on ADR projects with celebrity actors such as James Frain and Heather Stephens for Fringe and Moonlight series; we have engineered the entire film sound for “The Hamlet adventure”, directed by Greg Roach (The X Files).


Graffitti Studio is a leading European TV and Radio commercial media localization provider. Working with major Ad agencies such as BBDO, Ogilvy and Omnicom, we provide high quality voice over and dubbing services for TV and Radio advertisments and promos, Web and PR media, Viral marketing ads and all kinds of commercial digital multimedia content for commercial broadcast usage in 40 European languages.

We provide outstanding campaign management that leads to a maximum campaign efficiancy within very tight deadlines. We usually localize large digital advertising multilingual campaigns in several European countries at the same time and we are capable to cover large volumes of commercial content within very short deadlines.
Knowing the specifics of commercial media localization, we not only translate but also adapt the original message to the local market requirements and expectations.

In order to provide a 360 degree commercial media localization solution, we produce indoors the full range of sub-services that take part in the commercial media localization process- script translation and adaptation, voice over and dubbing recording, sound design; jingle composing, recording and production; lip synchronization, sound editing, mixing, mastering and audio post-production in all digital media file formats.

Graffitti Studio provides a large voice bank of 1000 + professional broadcasted voice talents with high performance voice acting skills, carefully cast through the years. We cover both male and female voice over actors in any voice character age (kids, teens or adults) and timbre (clear and intelligent, bouncy and funky, cool and relaxed, friendly or corporate, strong, assured and witty, funny, chindren like, sexy and smart female voices, light or midtone, deep tone, husky, bright, breezy and funny or strong and firm) in 40 European languages.

Graffitti Studio stands out from the competition with the fact that we are focused on providing a solution rather than selling a service.
Content distributors

Graffitti Studio provides high quality content localization solutions to leading content distributing companies around the Globe (TV content, CD/DVD, film and cinema, animation, video games, web media, commercial media). Throughout our language dubbing, voice over and subtitling services, along with excellent project management and media processing solutions, we open new doors to your content and enable you to share it in any European country by speaking the local language. Our language localization solutions expand your market and enable your content of reaching new language groups, countries or media content distribution channels and networks.

All elements of the content localization process are produced indoors by professional native speaking translators, voice over directors or dubbing artists, subtitling developers and linguists under our management and constant supervision.

Excellent knowledge of the local market that distributors target on is crucial. But while working with content distributors, we are focused on the end users by providing them with a comprehendible media experience in their local language and reaching out to their minds, hearts and souls.

Graffitti Studio
provides 360 degree animation dubbing and lip synchronization recording, production and post-production services in 40 European languages since 1994. Our customers are World leading animation production studios, cartoon TV programs and advertising agencies with very high expectations on project management, work attitude and responsability, talent performance and audio quality.

We work with professional native speaking linguists, script translators, voice over directors and high performance skilled voice over actors. While localizing animation content we always stay focused on the end users. You need to be able to think as a kid in order to adapt and deliver the original idea due to the language and cultural specifics of the target audience and to provide an experience in their native language.

Graffitti Studio
provides media content localization services (media translation, transcription, voice over, dubbing and subtitling- open and closed captioning) to both major International Telecoms and local telecom service providers since 1994.

Telecom industry is one of most dynamic and dramatically changing industries today as companies from every angle of communication business (IT, Media, ISP) gradually start to provide also telephony, cable and IP TV, Radio and Internet as off core services, targeting Telecoms’ markets and ultimately cutting off their profits.

With constantly decreasing incomes from phone and internet services, Telecoms turn to additional value services such as media content distribution (TV programs, music, games, news, mobile entertainment, Podcast, audio books, films, VOD) which currently form 60% of Telecom industry incomes in US, CA, EU and Japan.

Telecoms market their media content through their official websites, phone service lines and TV information channels or provide it to affiliates: websites, TV and radio stations and print media. Since they are not a content producer, they aquire the content from various sources.

With our media content language localization solutions, supporting all digital file formats and fitting all distribution channel requirements, Telecoms sell their content globally through their networks, reaching new markets and new language groups by speaking the local language.

Since 1994 Graffitti Studio has completed over 1000 e-learning voice over projects for Fortune 500 Companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Nokia, BMW, Hewlett Packard , Merck Sharp & Dohme, Phillips, Volvo, Burger King, Sony, Deutsche Telecom, Dubai International Airport, Cisco, Shell, OMV, Intel and many more.

We also work with institutions like European Parliament, Ministries of Education in different European countries and governmental agencies, which we provide with multilingual localization services for e-learning campaigns on new legislation policies.

E-learning media has become a very efficient tool to educate company personnel on business processing- sales, marketing, billing, and internal communication between departments. E-learning media (training and marketing videos, video tours and video tutorials, education media tools, interactive dictionaries) also visualize the pros and
cons of a service or product, its usage, implementation, maintenance, application, functionality and beneficiary, helping consumers for better understanding its values and using its full capacity. Combiling knowledge and technology, e-learning media is the future of sharing expertise and education in general. It is also cost effective as it allows the media itself to be syndicated and spares the costs on expensive live campaigns.

Localizing e-learning media demands very good process planning and a certain attitude: to look at the content through the eyes of the consumer, to record the voice over in calm, instructional manner and turn the script into accessible and understandable line of easily digested messages no matter of the script complexity, scientific or technological background. It's an artistic process that takes experience, empathy and expertise.

Graffitti Studio provides 1000 professional voice over talents in 40 European languages with huge e-learning voice over experience. We are always focused on achieving a high quality media product that will respond to its original purpose- to educate viewers in their own language.

Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides professional game audio and voice over localization services for leading game developers and distribution companies in 40 European languages. We share the passion of gaming which makes our work easy.

Understanding video game business is a key factor for providing quality media solutions. Since video games are an interactive virtual reality built to entertain users by manipulating their emotions, the convergence between vision, sound and touch should be organic and complete. Innovations on achieving realistic experience, like 3D vision, along with rapidly growing competition in this sector, constantly push improvements and increase expectations on script, voice talents, music and sound.

Most video games once developed are meant for distribution through various media channels and platforms (Mobile, Web, CD/ DVD, IPTV, portable devices, airplanes).
Knowing distribution specifics and supporting media formats are essential for providing solutions that optimize users’ reach.

While working on video game sound or voice over language localization projects, we always stay focused on the final goal- to provide a quality solution by adding a sound experience to the vision, making the game more entertaining and realistic by speaking user’s native language.

Graffitti Studio
provides professional mobile content localization since 1994.

We produce sound and voice over services in 40 European languages for various types of applications- games, entertainment, utilities, social networking, productivity, lifestyle, reference, travel, sports, navigation, medical and healthcare, business and finance, education and weather, mobile content such as audio books, film trailers, Mobile TV, podcasts, ringtones, scientific, medical, marketing and commercial videos.

The evolution of smart phones to life management tools enabled users to carry their favorite media literally in their pockets. Within the next 3 years smart phone users are predicted to increase from 25 million to 100 million which turns the mobile industry into one of the most rapidly growing markets. And the best way to target mobile users and satisfy their natural interest for content is to speak their language.
Web media

“Content is king”

The quality of content is essential for any online success. While a decade ago internet marketers argued which comes first, traffic or content, today it’s clear that without a quality and unique content, any website is destined to failure no matter how much paid traffic you get. Having a quality content though is not enough to reach your public.

The only reason that keeps users coming back to your website is when they understand and like your content. Besides the services you provide and their usefulness, besides the information you deliver, if you are unable to communicate with your visitors through your content, if you don’t speak their native language and demand them to put efforts, you will not establish an emotional relationship with your public.

Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides professional voice over and subtitling services in 40 European languages for various types of web digital media- video tours, video tutorials, marketing and commercial videos, web navigation menus, podcasts, vodcasts, virtual sales person etc..

We provide an audio language solution that makes you stand out of your competition, be more interactive and most of all, speak on your public’s language, which brings you one step ahead and closer to your business goals and targets. And this is the step that makes the difference.
Home video

Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides professional film dubbing and subtitling services in 40 European languages for home video distribution companies across European countries. We have strong passion for movies which makes our work easy.

Quality local language dubbing and subtitling is crucial for reaching the local market, to successfully distribute film and TV content to local DVD stores and blockbusters.

We work with over 1000 professional native speaking voice over talents, voice over directors, subtitling developers, content translators and linguists to provide exceptional broadcasted quality. We can localize the content from any source language to any targeted European language, supporting all digital media formats.

While we work with home video distributors, we always stay focused on the end viewers and their expectations- to enjoy a quality video product in their own language.
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