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Radio voice over

Radio voice over recording is a creative audio process with high performance and audio quality expectations due to the fact that Radio is a broadcasted media targeting millions of users. Chosing the right voice over actor is crucial for achieving high end Radio commercial quality. As Radio is not a visual media, the commercial message should be carried accross by the voice actor, appropreate music environment and sound effects. Time is generally limited to 15' or 30' which makes Radio voice over a hard task demanding deep understanding of the Radio business, huge experience and audio recording expertise.

Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides multilingual radio voice over services to advertising agencies worldwide (Omnicom Group, BBDO). Our Radio voice over bank supports 30 European languages and consists of 1000 native speaking broadcasted radio voice over actors. In addition, our team of recording professionals and high end audio equipment turns Graffitti Studio into a preferred Radio voice over recording service provider.
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