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Multilingual dubbing

Graffitti Studio is a leading European multilingual dubbing recording and dubbing production service provider. Since 1994 we have established a broad network of professional male and female native speaking dubbing talents, linguists, professional translators and dubbing directors. Graffitti Studio is the actual producer of your multilingual dubbing content. We operate 4 floor audio production facility with 5 separate acoustically measured dubbing studios with ISDN connection, 8 dubbing post-production work stations and professional dubbing recording equipment and post-productin software.

Our team consists of professional sound engineers with outstanding experience, working on very demanding projects, including Hollywood productions, specialized in the different aspects of multilingual dubbing recording and multilingual dubbing production. We advice on improvement of every aspect of the multilingual dubbing project, sharing our experience. Our multilingual dubbing project management delivers high quality dubbing production service in a very smooth manner.

Trusting your multilingual dubbing project to Graffitti Studio means that you will have a personal contact to update you on each production level and be available 24/7 for your questions.
multilingual dubbing

Multilingual dubbing samples

multilingual dubbing

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American English dubbing

Arabic dubbing

Armenian dubbing

British English dubbing

Bulgarian dubbing

Croatian dubbing

Czech dubbing

Danish dubbing

Dutch dubbing

Estonian dubbing

Finnish dubbing

French dubbing

German dubbing

Greek dubbing

Hungarian dubbing

Hindi dubbing

Italian dubbing

Korean dubbing

Lithuanian dubbing

Macedonian dubbing

Moldavian dubbing

Norwegian dubbing

Portuguese dubbing

Polish dubbing

Romanian dubbing

Russian dubbing

Serbian dubbing

Slovakian dubbing

Slovenian dubbing

Spanish dubbing

Swedish dubbing

Turkish dubbing

Ukrainian dubbing

Vietnamese dubbing



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