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Korean subtitling

Graffitti Studio provides professional in-house Korean subtitling, Korean open and closed captioning services. We cover all media sources (Betacam, Digital Betacam, CD/DVD, VHS and all video formats) and we can deliver Korean subtitling in all formats (sub, srt, stl, fab, sst and many more).

To provide a high quality Korean subtitling service, we work with professional Korean translators, Korean linguists, Korean subtitling specialists and Korean editors who ensure quality control on each stage of your Korean subtitling project.

Each Korean subtitling project is assigned to a Subtitling Project Manager (SPM) who plans, manages and executes the entire project, serving as a liaison between the Customer and Graffitti Studio. Original scripts are translated in Korean language by professional native speaking Korean translators. The translated Korean scripts are delivered to professional native speaking Korean linguists for proofreading. The ready-to-go Korean scripts, along with the videos are assigned to professional Korean subtitling specialists to develop the subtitles. Korean editors watch the subtitled media for unsynched subtitles and impement corrections (the process is called "spotting"). The subtitled Korean media is delivered in the requested subtitling format, archived and stored for possible future usage.
Korean subtitling