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IVR voice over

IVR (or Interactive Voice Response) is a powerful phone marketing tool managing your on hold phone traffic. It enables you to direct phone traffic depending on customer needs for information or help, to introduce new products or services, to build business credibility, to utilize phone traffic outside working hours, to manage automatic billing or collect requests. As every business is unique, the architecture of IVR menu, recorded prompts and voice talents should fit your unique needs in order to achieve marketing success. IVR voice prompts are a powerful direct sales tool while keeping your customers close to your services and your products. Producing high quality IVR voice prompts takes deep understanding of on hold marketing business, suitable voice actors and high quality voice acting performance, professional studio audio recording and production services.

Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides multilingual IVR voice over recording and IVR voice over production services in all European languages. We have a huge voice bank of 1000 native speaking voice over actors with high IVR voice over performance experience. ISDN line is available for IVR voice over recording and IVR voice over production monitoring.
ivr voice over