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Female dubbing artists

Graffitti Studio provides professional, broadcasted, native speaking female dubbing artists in 30 European languages for multilingual and foreign language dubbing projects. Our female voice bank provides variety of female voice tembras- teen to adult, clear and intelligent, bouncy and funky, cool and relaxed, friendly or corporate, strong, assured and witty, funny, chindren like, sexy and smart female voices, light or midtone, deep tone, husky, bright, breezy and funny or strong and firm female voice artists. Graffitti Studio provides children, teen and adult female voices of any spectra in all European languages.

Understanding the nature of the dubbing project, the addressed target group and the message that should be delivered are the major key factors for chosing the right female dubbing artist for your dubbing project. Graffitti Studio guides you in your choise based on our experience in dubbing business through our voice bank of professional female dubbing artists which provides a variety of female voices.
female dubbing artist