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Dubbing recording

dubbing recording is a creative audio process including numerious of factors: the dubbing script, the dubbing talent selection and dubbing acting quality, the dubbing directing, the audio quality, the project management and delivery. That makes dubbing recording process highly responsible task that requires a team of great professionals.

Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides multilingual and foreign language dubbing recording services for TV(Turner and News Corporation programs), Film(Warner Bros) and E-learning(Microsoft, Nokia, Adobe, HP) industry. Our facility operates 4 separate dubbing recording rooms with ISDN connections which enables us to cover large working volumes. Our voice bank supports 30 European languages with 1000 broadcasted native speaking talents. The excellent project management, dubbing recording quality, rich voice bank and dubbing recording quality control have turned us into a leading European dubbing recording company with over 10 000 completed multilingual and foreign language dubbing recording projects over the years.
dubbing recording