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Commercial voice over

Recording Radio commercial voice over or TV commercial voice over is a highly responsible task. It requires careful voice talent selection based on voice tembra and voice acting skills, precision with the script and time frame. Radio commercial voice over recording requires the voice actor to be able to visualize and express the script in order to achieve overall experience while TV commercial voice over recording needs also to be synchronized with the lip movements on the video. Having in mind the broadcasting budgets for advertisment, producing a high quality commercial is crucial for any advertising campaign.

Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides multilingual and foreign language Radio commercial voice over and TV commercial voice over services to leading advertising agencies worldwide. We have a huge voice bank of 1000 broadcasted voice actors in 30 European languages with high voice acting skills. Our ISDN line enables you to monitor the entire commercial recording process and to talk directly to the Recording room and Control room.
commercial voice over