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Spoken Chinese comprises many dialects that can be classified in seven main groups. Although they employ a common written form, they are mutually unintelligible and for this reason are sometimes referred to as languages; the differences among them are analogous to the differences in pronunciation and vocabulary among the Romance languages. The fact is, however, that most Chinese speak the same dialect, which Westerners call MANDARIN (q.v.); its standard of pronunciation is the speech of Beijing. Mandarin also forms the basis of the modern written vernacular, Baihua, which supplanted classical Chinese in the schools after 1917, and of the official spoken language, Putonghua, prescribed in 1956 for nationwide use in schools.

Graffitti Studio provides both Broadcasted and Non-Broadcasted native speaking Chinese Mandarin and Chinese Cantonese voice talents with huge experience in TV and Theatrical dubbing, e-learning dubbing projects, on hold and navigation dubbing, film and movie trailer dubbing, TV commercial dubbing, radio commercial dubbing, corporate and training video dubbing, cartoon and animation dubbing, narration and documentary dubbing, lip synchronization dubbing, video game dubbing.
We have ISDN connection which enables you to monitor the entire recording and production process and to talk directly to the talents and sound engineer whine recording your Chinese dubbing project.


chinese dubbing