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Character voice over

Character voice over recording and production is a complicated and demanding piece of art. By definition, a character voice over is recording a voice script differently from the natural voice talent's manner of reading. Depending on the scipts, character voice over talents should be able to act multiple characters and bring to life objects like animals, fruits, trees, besides human characters. Character voice acting is expressive, constsnt and requires professional voice acting training and skills.

On the producer's side, character voice over recording is a semi-lip sync or full lip sync, meaning that the voice lines must perfectly match the on-screen character lip movements. Differently from TV serial voice over recording where all voice talents record together almost real time, character voice over recording for cartoons and animation is done character by character, actor by actor, word by word to achieve quality.

Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides professional character voice over recording and voice over production services with professional male and female character voice over talents.
character voice over