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Cartoon voice over

Voicing a cartoon is a demanding character voice over piece of art. Cartoon voice over projects require professional, broadcasted cartoon voice over talents which have the skills to voice act multiple characters- humans, animals, trees, fruits. The cartoon voice over talent should bring to life objects, to build and develop their personalities, emotions and reactions.

On the producer's end, cartoon voice over is a full lip sync. The voice lines should perfectly match the on-screen character lip movements. The process of cartoon voice over recording is much different than TV series voice over, for example. All talents record separately, line by line and word by word to lip sync the audio, besides voice acting their characters all the way.

Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides professional cartoon voice over recording and production services in all European languages. We work with experienced and professional cartoon voice over talents and provide a full cartoon voice over production service- cartoon voice over casting, voice over talent management and recording schedules, voice over quality control, post-production.
cartoon voice over