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Audio book recording

Audio book market has reached a value of 1 billion USD in the recent years and still rapidly growing. Users listen to audio books on their mp3 players, cellphones or online, in the car, while traveling with by bus or train, in the gym. Recording and producing an audio book is a truely artistic process. It starts with a good audio book recording and audio book production planning, script writing or script adapting, voice talent castings, music recording and production, recording schedules, editing and audio post-production and delivery. Audio book versions are similar to paper books by the lack of video expression and attract regular book readers for the same reason they prefer reading the book over watching the movie- the lack of video challenges their imagination and inspires them to visualize the characters, the action or the athmosphere. Audio books add value by adding sound- the voice acting, the voice talents, the expressive music and the sound effects turn a good script to an ultimate multimedia experience. As multimedia distribution networks grow constantly every year, audio books are becoming a very attractive content for Telecoms and online distributers, reaching out to millions of users every day.

Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides full service multilingual audio book recording and audio book production services. We work with audio book publishing companies like Amazon, Talking Books, Audible, iTunes and Audiobooks Online. Our outstanding audio book project management, high end audio studio facility, creative music recording and production and huge voice bank of professional voice actors have turned us into a preferred audio book recording and audio book production company in Europe.
audio book recording