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ADR voice over

Automatic Dialogue Replacement or ADR is a film sound technique involving the re-recording of dialogue after photography. ADR voice over is usually needed to improve original audio quality or sometimes film production studios record and sync the audio separately to reduce production costs. ADR voice over recording is also called "looping" as the actor watches the picture repeatedly and re-performes each script line to match the actual lip movements and capture the voice acting emotion from the video.

Graffitti Studio constantly works on ADR projects with actors currently filming in Sofia, Bulgaria. We have worked with Morgan Freeman, James Frain, Heather Stephens and many other actors for Warner Bros TV shows like Moonlight, Fringe etc. We have ISDN connection with Audio TX codex, competible with all major codex which enables our customers to monitor the ADR recording sessions with mp3 sound quality, to communicate with the Control Room and the Actor until achieving the required performance.